Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fashion Flash - Top Handle Bags Are BACK!

One might ponder my excitement over top-handle bags. To me, however, top-handle satchels as opposed to say...big, sloucy shoulder bags, are a step back into the past ~ and are incredibly feminine, and totally tasteful. Perched gracefully on one's arm, just below the elbow, the top handle bag is a true accessory meant to carry your essentials ~~~ a far cry away from the current trend in the past few years of the "I NEED to carry a the-bigger-the-better bag, and preferably one that glows, glitters and is glitzy." Who cares, you ask? Well ~~~ this trend in carrying all of one's belongings everywhere one goes, by necessity means that one will not be able to quickly find anything in said bag, causing pain and angst not only to the owner, but to others as well. Consider my following "Top Ten" List ~~~

The "Top 10" Reasons to Switch to a Handbag!
  1. Have you ever had a lady turn, only to be slammed into her purse wanna-be suitcase? Have you had the embarrassing experience of being knocked to the floor, by said offending bag?
  2. Has your wife, or friend, literally taken 10 minutes "looking for her keys" in the bag that never ends?
  3. Have you ever wondered if "your woman's" bag has something in common with Mary Poppins, and do you cringe as she continues to pull impossible big items from it? Have you seen a floor lamp pop out?
  4. Have you ever said the wrong thing to a woman, and been smacked upside the head with her bag?
  5. Have you personally gone to the airport, only to be told that your purse is not considered "carry on" size - and therefore has to be checked as luggage?
  6. Have you thrown your back out when picking your bag up off the floor (why is it on the floor anyway?) from a standing position?
  7. Do you carry one of these monstrosities - and have you noticed that the shoulder you wear it on is slowly becoming lower than your other shoulder? 
  8. How about that arm? Have you noticed that it's longer??
  9. Do you start to hyperventilate if you cannot stuff everything you may need for every possible survival situation into your bag?
  10. Have you ever asked yourself why bags that are advertised as able to carry the "kitchen sink" may not be a positive attribute - unless of course, your occupation if plumbing?
All kidding aside, here is a link to the new top handle bags that have come out for fall, from a variety of designers:

New Top Handle Bags From Various Designers

Take a peek, and see what you think! An organized, well thought out woman, can easily fit what she needs for the day in a bag that does not rival her weight. Why do I care? Well, as a woman that would like to see the return of grace, poise and classiness, the kitchen-sink bag just doesn't work ~~~ a bit sloppy, overstated, and more often than not, Blinged-out. This just does not fit with "Making a Statement Without Saying A Word," as these bags are screaming to be noticed and to draw attention. I guess that is saying something after all, though I don't think it's what one wants to be said.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Restoring Manners, Grace and Poise in America

I am currently in transition. While this transition looks like it's about handbags, it is not ~ that is only a symptom of a disease that many people are not aware of. I've been selling Coach bags on eBay for years now, but I am disturbed by the current methods of production and manufacturing of these bags, as well as the incredible growth of the fake handbag market. Buying a well-made bag, such as Coach, used to ensure an investment that could last a lifetime, if taken care of. No longer! After the stock market crash in September 2008, the quality the Coach is so well known for, crashed as well. The bags produced since 2009 have become a mockery of all that Coach used to stand for. Further, this All-American Company now produces ALL its bags in China; no more hand-crafted "made in the USA" bags for Coach. The Coach bags that I am in the process of selling, I am happy to say, have all been produced prior to September 2008's stock market crash, and therefore are not of the inferior quality discussed above.

Luxury handbags used to mean "extremely well made" ~ and were not a "status symbol". No longer! Rather, customers are looking for "Logos" and want to be sure people KNOW what they are carrying...opening the market for the inferior counterfeit bag business to be born. Yes, fake bags have been around a long time. However, it has not been until the past decade that this business has bloomed into an absolute tragedy. With this newer desire to own a piece of supposed "status" ~ women are willing to buy a cheap counterfeit bag, just to carry a designer name. Here's the very dark side of the story:  This industry is run primarily by organized crime machines, and accounts for $9.7 billion dollars annually. This money often funds terrorism, as well as a plethora of illegal businesses. And, as you can probably guess, the workers that assemble these illegal bags, are primarily children, and incredibly poor young women. The working conditions are so dark, so base - that I cannot bear to write about them right now. Suffice to say - these children are abused worse than your most vivid ideas of "child labor" nightmares.

And so my transition is primarily two-fold: to offer items that are indeed an investment, and are made to last due to their intrinsic high quality materials and craftsmanship. My second objective and the dream of this BLOG, is of a much larger scope:  Returning the women of America to the style, grace, manners and poise of the late 50's/early 60's ~~~ thus, "Making A Statement Without Saying A Word"! My handbags will simply be a facet of this much larger movement ~~~ watch for all kinds of links, books, blogs and information on how the women of our country can return to their more graceful roots ~ AND ~ resources for raising your teen girls to have manners, respect, and tasteful teen dressing that not only will make them look beautiful, but will make a statement, without saying a thing, that they are girls to be respected and cherished. I've taught it with my own teen, who is currently 22 ~~~ and I have been teaching my 12 year old daughter. It works. Not only should we all endeavor to learn how to have manners again as our mother's were automatically taught, but we should also open our eyes to realize that the image we  project (cheap or classy) will be a statement to others on how we expect to be treated. 

While this post may seem to be a bit harsh, perhaps, I am happy to say that it is due to its nature and not my own:  you can expect a completely up-beat, optimistic and totally fun site to follow. Truth, as stated above, is not always pretty. Change, however, can be beautiful!

God Bless,